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19 Link Building Experts Share Their Best Strategies for 2024

In the fiercely competitive realm of digital marketing, mastering effective link building strategies is crucial for boosting website visibility and authority. Link building experts are pivotal in this pursuit, employing strategic methods to acquire valuable backlinks from authoritative websites. These backlinks not only enhance search engine rankings but also drive targeted traffic, bolstering overall online presence and credibility.

Understanding the Role of Link Building Experts

Link building experts specialize in identifying opportunities, creating compelling content, and establishing connections within relevant niches. Their expertise revolves around employing proven strategies that adhere to search engine guidelines. Here’s how they leverage their skills to benefit your SEO efforts:

Stewart Dunlop

Chief Link Building Strategist

We reached out to top link building experts for their favorite strategies. As a link building company, knowing what other professionals are doing is crucial for us!

I received over 100 responses from active link builders across various industries. I selected the most innovative ideas that got me thinking beyond the typical strategies like guest posting and the ‘skyscraper technique.’

These responses should inspire some new ideas, and if you have any fresh insights to add, please get in touch.

Now Onto The Experts…

Broken Link Building on Repurposed Sites

Expert: Aaron Anderson, Founder @ LinkPitch.io
Highlight: “I’ve found some amazing link opportunities in various niches.”

Aaron’s tip is a variation of broken link building. Instead of looking for broken links on 404 pages, he targets pages that no longer exist but don’t show a 404 error. To find these opportunities, he manually checks lists of resources related to his target tool and quickly identifies potential links. This method has yielded significant results across different industries.

Stop Thinking Like a Link Builder

Expert: Bibi the link builder, Founder @ Bibibuzz
Highlight: “Break out of the traditional link building mindset.”

Bibi emphasizes the importance of thinking beyond traditional link building methods. By disrupting expectations and using creative, hyper-personalized outreach, link builders can achieve better results. Involving different stakeholders within a client’s company can also uncover new link opportunities.

Flickr / Image Link Building

Expert: Jason Thibault, Owner @ Massive Kontent
Editor’s Note: Jason uses a unique strategy involving Creative Commons images on Flickr.

Jason uploads custom stock photos to Flickr with Creative Commons licenses, which are often used by blogs and newspapers. Using the Pixsy platform for reverse image lookups, he requests proper attribution from sites using his images, achieving a high success rate in link placements.

Get Creative With Guest Posting

Expert: Oli Baise, Owner @ Massive Kontent
Editor’s Note: Avoid tunnel vision in guest post campaigns.

Oli advises offering guest posts to websites in adjacent industries to provide new insights for their audience. This strategy can bypass the common pay-for-posts issue and create valuable content for both parties.

Build a Tool (e.g., Calculator)

Expert: Tony Mastri, Digital Marketing Manager @ Marion.com
Editor’s Note: Tools like calculators attract relevant links.

Tony shares his success in creating calculators and other tools that attract links. By promoting these tools through press releases, they gain genuine interest and backlinks from relevant websites.

Help a Reporter (HARO)

Expert: Mark Aseltine, Founder @ UncorkedVentures.com
Editor’s Highlight: HARO can secure high-quality links from major publications.

Mark has obtained valuable links from major outlets using HARO. He emphasizes the importance of this strategy, especially as content becomes more important and writers seek new sources.

Local, Niche Specific Websites

Expert: Jacob Landis-Eigsti, Owner @ Jacob-le.com
Editor’s Highlight: This strategy consistently raises domain authority.

Jacob uses tools like Ahrefs to find competitor backlinks and identifies local business directories and niche-specific sites for link opportunities. This method consistently boosts domain authority.

Journo Requests via Twitter

Expert: Benjamin Houy, Founder @ Growwithless.com
Editor’s Highlight: Higher conversion rates compared to HARO.

Benjamin uses Twitter hashtags like #journorequest to find journalists seeking expert quotes. This less competitive approach results in higher success rates for link placements.

Data-Rich Content

Expert: Benjamin Houy, Outreach Team Lead @ Digitalthirdcoast.com
Editor’s Highlight: Proprietary data and infographics attract links.

Benjamin’s agency creates surveys and long-form content with shareable graphics based on proprietary data. This strategy provides unique angles for publishers and results in high-quality backlinks.

Statistic Roundup Articles

Expert: Levi Olmstead, Director of Marketing @ 2ndkitchen.com
Editor’s Highlight: Well-researched articles drive organic links.

Levi suggests creating statistic roundup articles that other writers can cite. This strategy drives links organically over time, leveraging the need for reliable data in new content.

Hyper Targeted Outreach

Expert: Brooks Manley, SEO Specialist @ Brooksmanley.com
Editor’s Highlight: Personalized outreach yields better results.

Brooks recommends hyper-targeted outreach over automated emails. Personalized pitches, tailored to the recipient, significantly improve success rates.

Creative Broken Link Building

Expert: Stewart Dunlop (Me!), Founder @ LinkBuilder.io
Editor’s Highlight: Get creative with broken link building opportunities.

Stewart shares examples of successful broken link building campaigns in niche areas like cryptocurrency and charity events, highlighting the importance of creativity in this strategy.

Infographic Creation

Expert: Nicolas Straut, Senior SEO Associate @ Fundera.com
Editor’s Highlight: Infographics are a valuable link building tool.

Nicolas advises creating and promoting infographics to acquire organic links. Outreach to relevant blogs and outlets can further boost link placements.

Topic Based Prospecting

Expert: Tom English, Senior Outreach Strategy @ From the Future Agency
Editor’s Highlight: Use keyword intent tools for effective link prospecting.

Tom suggests using keyword/search intent tools to find relevant content and websites, rather than relying solely on contributor pages. This approach targets sites that align with your content.

Create Content in Less Competitive Areas

Expert: Evan Porter, Founder @ Words By Evan Porter
Editor’s Highlight: Target less competitive niches for better link opportunities.

Evan recommends creating content for less competitive areas related to your niche. This strategy can achieve better promotion and ranking results.

Different Campaigns For Different Pages

Expert: Quincy Smith, SEO Manager @ Ampjar.com
Editor’s Highlight: Balance homepage and internal page link building.

Quincy emphasizes the importance of using different link building strategies for different parts of your site, balancing homepage links with internal links for overall growth.

Hone Your Outreach Emails

Expert: Shaurya Jain, SEO Consultant @ AttentionAlways
Editor’s Highlight: Personalize subject lines for higher open rates.

Shaurya shares that personalizing subject lines with the recipient’s name significantly increases email open rates, leading to better outreach success.

Piggyback on Someone Else’s Reputation

Expert: Matt Tutt, Freelance SEO @ Matttutt.me
Editor’s Highlight: Leverage expert interviews for valuable links.

Matt suggests interviewing industry experts to create content that attracts links and builds relationships, tapping into the experts’ networks.

Relationships with SEO agencies & bloggers

Expert: Aida Grigoryan, Content Strategy @ Incredo
Editor’s Highlight: Build long-term relationships for link building.

Aida recommends forming relationships with SEO agencies and bloggers. Collaborating on content and links can maximize efficiency and quality.

We hope these strategies inspire new ideas for your link building efforts. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with us!

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In conclusion, partnering with link building experts is a proactive investment in enhancing your website’s SEO performance and digital footprint. By leveraging their specialized skills and industry insights, you can effectively navigate the complexities of link acquisition, strengthen your online presence, and achieve sustainable growth in organic traffic. Embrace the expertise of link building professionals to unlock the full potential of your digital marketing strategy and position your brand for long-term success in the digital ecosystem.